Why not take direct action now? These simple 4 inch by 3 inch glossy leaflets fit neatly in a trouser or coat pocket. As you walk or live around London, you might come across drivers who are leaving their engine running.

Be prepared and give them one of these. It’s a great campaign in which every resident and pedestrian can take action.

It comes with a simple slogan:



This is a great initiative for:

  • council parking enforcement officers

  • school gate supervisors

  • and many more….


Give one of these two leaflets to drivers who are stationary for more than two minutes whilst running their engines. The driver will not be offended if you approach the conversation as follows:

  1. I represent a local community initiative on air pollution.

  2. Could I give you some information?

  3. Thank you.

Then simply walk away. Do NOT engage in trying to persuade the driver. Keep smiling and do not appear angry. I know some of us are passionate about the problem but it is always best to leave emotion out of the situation. The leaflet does the rest. If the driver does not switch off their engine: then the leaflet will make them think. It will have made an impression.

Other Campaigns

Vehicle Idling Action is a London-wide, education and behaviour change campaign funded by the Mayor of London’s Air Quality Fund. Focused on vehicle engine idling, it aims to reduce localised air pollution caused by motorists who are stationary or parked, but who continue to have their engines running for over a minute.

Our Campaign Invitation To Residents

If you would like a copy of the invitation letter you can download it from here.